Bare Fruit is a set of underlying principles that we focus all of our work upon. Fortnightly, the youth café will have a theme that is based on the fruit of the spirit (love, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, joy, compassion, hope and purpose) and individual activities related to the theme. Each term we begin and end with community to remind ourselves of the “family” and friends we have at the YMCA.

Two main activities lead out from this, Y-Leaders and Art Workshops.

Y-Leaders is a group of year 10-11 students who have identified that they would like to see themselves, their YMCA and their community become the best it can be. These young people are included in policy making decisions, activity planning, community outreach and the occasional movie night.

The weekly art workshop (Tuesday’s Term 2 and 3) follow the core the values and is run in partnership with Sophie Rae, an artist from the Creative Youth Network. Each week we will not only look at new art techniques but focus on the values that the art is based upon.